The problem the UK faces is how the country looks to the world because with Brexit negotiations, our perception will be crucial. Unfortunately, we currently have a Prime Minister who is attempting to cling onto power rather than do what is best for the country. To begin with, it was understandable that Theresa May stayed on because stability is vital, however, as days have passed her leadership looks more desperate than stable.

She is facing a massive backlash from Conservative backbenchers and some front bench, her power has dwindled massively.

This shows from the cabinet she has put together, which hasn’t changed and this highlights the lack of power she holds as leader of the Conservatives.

Theresa May’s weak leadership

For the first time a poll released shows that Jeremy Corbyn is more trusted as leader than theresa May, but of course, this is to be taken with a pinch of salt. Theresa May’s front bench is attempting to pick up the pieces but they are resorting to petty rhetoric, with Michael Fallon even saying on Peston “we have more in common with the DUP than other parties”. A quote worth remembering if you consider the DUP is a far-right Protestant fundamentalists, with creationists in their leadership.

Brexit has already made the UK less relevant on the global scale, Boris Johnson highlighted this, after he failed to convince the G7 to sanction Russia following the chemical attack by Assad, which was defended by Vladimir Putin.

One German MP has said today “Britain is in danger of looking like a first world failed state”. The backlash from this election will have an effect on Brexit negotiations and Theresa May has just weakened the UK.