British Prime Minister Theresa May has been criticised for a lot of things, but would you have ever thought that the way she drinks wine would be one of them? It seems so petty and insignificant, but when she was seen holding a Wine Glass by the cuppy part and not by the stem, there was an uproar in Russia. And then on a current affairs show on the country’s state-Run media channel, a furious Dmitry Kiselev lashed out at her for not holding the glass by the stem, which he said should be “common practice in respectable society.” He’s right, but it is petty.

While Kiselev’s gripes about May’s wine etiquette are really minor and pathetic, he does have a point. By the stem is how you’re supposed to hold a wine glass. You might get away with holding the cuppy part at a students’ union party or a dive bar, but you have to be careful what you do when you’re the British Prime Minister, because you’re the face of the country and everything gets scrutinised by everyone.

May has a lot to learn about wine etiquette

Apparently Theresa May holding a wine glass wrong makes our whole country look like a bunch of classless pigs, so she needs to learn more about wine etiquette. So, that means a big glass with a narrow lip, filled a third of the way to allow for swilling around, and having a smell of the wine before sipping it.