Anthony Scaramucci, also known as “The Mooch,” has given an address to the Oxford Union in which he called US President Donald Trump, the guy who fired him from his post as the communications director for the white house, a “political genius” for his use of Twitter. However, Trump’s Twitter account isn’t that great of a political strategy. One of his tweets was taken as a declaration of war by North Korea, so what kind of genius does that?

‘The knives got longer and longer’

Anyway, it’s surprising to see that Scaramucci has no hard feelings towards his old boss, but this might have something to do with the fact that The Mooch expected to be fired.

He said that he noticed “the knives [getting] longer and longer” the second he was announced as the new Communications Director. He said, “I didn’t think I’d last more than thirty to sixty days in the role.” In the end, he last eleven days before Trump fired him.

After Scaramucci was fired, actress Kate Hudson couldn’t resist making fun of the situation on Instagram with a poster for “How to Lose a Guy in 11 Days” starring Donald Trump and Anthony Scaramucci. Lovely stuff. Among the other quotes from his speech, the Oxford Union quoted The Mooch on their own Twitter page: “You are never going to find a politician that matches your five-finger fingerprint.”