In the last few months since his inauguration, US President Donald Trump has committed many impeachable crimes and no one’s done anything about it, so porn publisher Larry Flynt wants to hurry that along and get him out of the white house, offering $10 million to whoever can get him removed from office.

Flynt and his magazine Hustler bought out a full-page ad in the Washington Post that said, “$10 MILLION FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO THE IMPEACHMENT AND REMOVAL FROM OFFICE OF DONALD J. TRUMP.” The ad makes it clear that this is a “cash offer” to anyone with dirt on Trump that could get him booted out of the White House.

Ad claims Presidency is ‘illegitimate in many ways’

According to Flynt’s ad, Trump’s Presidency is “illegitimate in many ways” and he is “dangerously unfit” to be running the United States and be in charge of the defence and the missiles and all that malarkey. And to be fair, Flynt is just saying what everybody’s thinking with this ad. We need to get him out of the Oval Office. Luckily Flynt is here to speak up for us and has the money to back it up.

If you do have the information that Flynt is looking for and you’re willing to sell it to him for $10 million, call the hotline at (1-800-251-2714) or send an email to