US President Donald Trump has never been the best with timings. He just gets angry at anything in the world whenever he feels like it, and he's chosen now to get mad at Puerto Rico, which has just been ravaged by terrible gale force hurricane winds. Humanitarians and rescue workers are scrambling to get aid and relief to the victims of this hurricane and others, while actress/singer Jennifer Lopez has donated $1 million to help those who have lost their homes in the storm. But Trump is still hung up on "billions of dollars" of debt that Puerto Rico owes to wall street.

Trump said that Puerto Rico is in "deep trouble." Yes, it is. Millions of people have seen their homes devastated and are left without food, water, and shelter. But of course, Trump is happy about that. He tweeted that Florida and Texas are "doing great" after the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, while Puerto Rico is "suffering" and "devastated."

This is the wrong time to compete

Trump is, for some unknown reason, using the devastation of hurricanes around the Americas to compete with countries outside the US. First, he used the "historic" winds in Florida as a bragging point, as though he was proud of it, and then backtracked that when he was asked about climate change. And now, he's taunting Puerto Rico for being in worse shape than Texas and Florida after the hurricanes.

Makes you wonder what the hell is wrong with him. This isn't the right time to compete. This isn't a competition. Hurricanes have devastated a huge part of the world and it's time to stand to together and help our fellow people, no matter what country they're from.