Anthony Scaramucci, the white house Communications Director that US President Donald Trump fired, has no hard feelings about his old boss. In fact, he went in front of the Oxford Union on Monday night to call him a “political genius,” simply because he (or Roger Stone) had the idea to use Twitter as a Presidential election campaign tool. Yeah, he’s a genius. The other day, Trump said he met with “the President of the Virgin Islands.” As President of the United States, though, he IS the President of the Virgin Islands.

Hillary Clinton had more money to fund her campaign (which is stupid, because Trump is a billionaire, so how stingy do you have to be to not chip in to your own Presidential campaign?), and the former Communications Director believes that she would’ve won had it not been for Trump’s Twitter account.

He noted that Clinton’s campaign had 1.7 times the amount of money behind it and 2.4 times the personnel, but Scaramucci did say that he was unsure whether “the money is as important as the ideas.”

Scaramucci told the Union that he does not believe that Trump would have won the election and defeated Hillary Clinton last November if he wasn’t constantly on Twitter, sending out all-caps tweets in long rants. This is all moot, because Clinton actually did get more votes, by and large, it’s just that the Electoral College and the vote-counting system meant that, technically, Trump won. But America didn’t vote him in. Technically. So, this is all a moot point.

But still, Scaramucci says that “without the tool of Twitter,” it is his “firm” belief that Trump “likely would have not won.”

‘You have to accept he’s a political genius’

Apparently we just “have to” give in and “accept” the fact that Donald Trump is “a political genius.” Those were his words. Someone called Donald Trump a “genius,” now this is news.

Scaramucci said that there was definitely “some level of genius in terms of his judgement.” Is it genius on Trump’s part or is it stupidity and ignorance on his voters’ part? If they only have the attention span for a 140-character tweet, is that him being a genius or is that them being not quite geniuses?

Scaramucci said that over the course of just nineteen months, Trump “went from zero to POTUS [President of the United States],” but that’s not quite true.

He might go on about how he’s just a normal guy and he’s just like you, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. He wasn’t a “zero” nineteen months ago. He was the star of NBC’s “The Apprentice.” His name was on just about every hotel and resort in the United States. He was famous and he monopolised on that fame.

Trump’s not a genius, not by a long shot. He’s just a celebrity (somehow) and he just did what celebrities do – they use their status as a celebrity to get stuff that they want. Except this wasn’t a pair of Yeezys or tickets to see “Wicked,” this was the US Presidency. And in Trump’s case, it was also to grab women “by the p*ssy.” Hey, when you’re a star, they let you do whatever you want – even be President.

Scaramucci points out flaws in Clinton’s campaign strategy

According to Scaramucci, Trump also beat Clinton thanks to a better campaign strategy. He noted the state of Wisconsin, which usually votes Democrat. He mentioned that Hillary Clinton went to visit the voters in Wisconsin a grand total of – drumroll, please – zero times, whereas Trump went sixteen times. It’s fair to say that Hillary wasn’t quite pulling her weight considering she was the last hope to save America from the wrath of Donald Trump. As a beacon of light in an otherwise bleak world, Hillary didn’t really shine as brightly as she could have.