Antonio Tajani, the President of the european parliament, has said that the so-called divorce bill that Britain is expected to pay for Brexit (because Britain asked for it, so that’s fair), which has ran up charges worth a whopping £20 billion, is “peanuts.” He’s saying this as a warning, because they could easily ask for more.

According to Tajani, the situation with Brexit is “not good” right now, and the main problem is that the guys in the Parliament of Europe, himself included, have no idea “what the UK wants to do.” This whole thing is a giant mess.

Prime Minister Theresa May has no clue what she’s doing. Brexit Secretary David Davis has no idea what he’s doing. And Europe aren’t going to help us out with it. Why would they? We asked for this so-called ‘divorce,’ they don’t care.

Brussels wants to charge £53 billion

Tajani brought up the demands that came from Brussels for a divorce bill of up to £53 billion. £20 billion is “peanuts” compared to that. He said that Theresa May’s rhetoric about Brexit reminds him of Margaret Thatcher (yikes!), and that the demands of the UK government for Brexit – their ‘we want to have our cake and eat it, too’ approach – are “not realistic.” MPs will be furious, but hey, Europe doesn’t care. This isn’t their fight. Goodbye, economy. It was fun while it lasted.