Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has found himself swamped in allegations of sexually inappropriate behaviour recently from actresses who claim that Weinstein used his power over the film industry and their desperate desire to break into acting to his advantage and subjected them to “humiliating” experiences to secure roles.

In the wake of the accusations against Weinstein, British Prime Minister Theresa May has publicly expressed her belief that perhaps Weinstein should be stripped of the CBE that he was awarded by Britain in 2004 for his contributions to the world of film.

However, May has suggested that the decision of whether or not to take back a CBE is “not one for Downing Street.” Instead, it’s up to the Queen, who will likely do nothing.

Fashion designer Donna Karan has defended Weinstein

Meanwhile, fashion designer Donna Karan has controversially spoken out to defend Weinstein for his actions, which is certainly an odd turn of events. She claims that actresses who are “presenting all the sensuality and all the sexuality” to Harvey Weinstein are “asking for it.” That’s not quite how it works, Donna, but everyone has a right to their own opinion, even if it’s the opposite of what’s right.