The ridiculously privileged Trump family like to act like they’re just like you, and that’s how the family’s patriarch, US President Donald Trump, got the votes of idiotic rednecks in the South, who are just normal people with normal jobs, in last year’s divisive . But Donald Trump, Jr. spent half an hour talking smack about minorities and the LGBTQ community and liberals and got paid $100,000 for it.

Trump, Jr. charges ‘$50,001 and above’

That’s what the University of North Texas is paying Trump, Jr. to speak at a fundraising event for the college on 24 October, according to the student newspaper, The North Texas Daily.

Trump, Jr. public speaking agency, All American Speakers, quotes his speaking fee at “$50,001 and above.” This page has since been removed, since it’s utterly absurd. Apparently there’s so much competition to get him to appear that a bidding war has driven the price to double his quote.

All Trump, Jr. does when he speaks at these universities is bash liberals and mock the diversity of women, minorities, and LGBTQ students in American colleges. He doesn’t have anything interesting to say. The only thing about him that’s special is that he’s the son of the star of “The Apprentice” who then became the President of the United States. He isn’t worth a dime, and he’s stupidly rich as it is. He already has millions and he doesn’t use a penny of it for a good cause.