US President Donald Trump caused a lot of controversy when the Charlottesville protests were taking place. A bunch of white nationalists wanted to keep a pro-slavery statue up in the city, while some liberals arrived to counter-protest. One of the white nationalists drove his car into a group of them, killing one. But Donald Trump, Jr. doesn't seem to mind too much, as he's delivered a speech announcing his support.

Trump refused to condemn the white nationalists, because guess what, he’s one of them. Instead he made a vague comment that there was violence “on many sides” and later blamed “both sides” when he was asked to clarify his statements.

Trump, Jr. blames the criticisms his father received on the “atmosphere of hatred” on college campuses.

'Atmosphere of hate'

So, what’s making the conservatives support slavery and kill liberals with their car? Does that come from an atmosphere of love? Trump, Jr. said that his father’s comments “should not have been controversial, but it was.” He’s a chip off the old block. Of course, during his entire 35-minute speech, the younger Trump made no mention whatsoever of the white nationalist murderer after announcing his support for their actions.