Just when you thought the tensions between the United States and North Korea couldn't get any worse, as the US President Donald Trump seems to have a death wish and he's bringing the whole world down with him, and the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un seems to take great pleasure in terrifying the living daylights out of hundreds of millions of people, and the two countries are about three steps away from an all-out nuclear war when ex-POTUS Barack Obama left the White House like two hundred steps away from nuclear war, it's gone and gotten even worse.

There's only a couple of steps left now as we're even closer to a real life "Fallout" or "Terminator 2: Judgment Day." (It'll be less fun than those, too.)

The foreign minister for North Korea, Ri Yong-ho, has spoken out on behalf of Kim's nuke-toting regime in Pyongyang to say that they've taken Trump's comments about the North as "a Declaration Of War." So, America is pretty much at war with the volatile nation of North Korea, except it wasn't the unstable and ruthless dictator who started it; it was the democratically elected (kind of) President of the United States. It's all topsy turvy! It's all the wrong way around! What's happening to the world? Ri probably used to have to do his job at gunpoint, but Trump has likely gotten a lot of North Koreans onto Kim's side.

Now Kim is the one whose people are behind him and Trump is the harsh dictator who is rejected by his people. Is this a really long virtual reality episode of "The Twilight Zone?"

Announcement came after Trump promised to eradicate North Korea

Ri said that what they are viewing as Trump's "declaration of war" against North Korea is the tweet he sent out where he threatened that the country wouldn't "be around much longer" if Kim continued his current behaviour.

So, he basically promised to eradicate their country and they read that as Trump declaring war on North Korea. Fair enough. If someone said that about America, they'd invade the country, right? Hell, they invade countries that have done nothing wrong, so of course they would. The President of the United States can't just go around saying things like that.

It's extremely dangerous. Hopefully, after nine months of doing just that, Trump will finally learn his lesson as he leads his country into a nuclear war that was entirely his fault.

Washington denies 'declaration of war' claims

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has appeared for a press conference regarding the frightening "declaration of war" comments and the ensuing escalation of North Korea's military action against the US. Sanders denied the claims that President Trump had "declared war" against North Korea and shrugged Ri's comments off as "absurd." But North Korea aren't saying that Trump openly declared war. They're saying his threats to destroy their nation have been construed as a declaration of war, and that is what it sounds like.

Kim has been waiting for Trump to say something that he could use to justify a nuclear attack, with his finger hovering over the big red 'launch all nukes' button, saying, "Go ahead, Donald, make my day," and now he's made his day and they're going all-out for an impending war. In short, there's no way out of this through diplomatic negotiations and we're all doomed. North Korea threatened that it would now be well within their rights as a nation at war to shoot US planes down out of the sky, even if they weren't in North Korean airspace (though the US have contested this as their legal right), and following up on that, they've moved their own aircraft in anticipation of sending them out into an impromptu airborne battle with the US. So, yeah, this is really happening, all because The Donald from "The Apprentice" was elected President through ill-gotten means and couldn't keep his mouth shut.