Ri Yong-ho, the foreign minister of Kim Jong-un's regime in North Korea, has announced that US President Donald Trump's comments about the North and its leader Kim have been taken as "a declaration of war." Specifically the President's vow to destroy the country was seen as the statement that broke the camel's back and started a war. Kim previously referred to Trump's comments as "ferocious," suggesting he was planning something terrible in response to what he was saying, and called the President a "mentally deranged US dotard," and for once, a lot of people agreed with him.

So, war with North Korea. Good luck with that one, Donald. Bravo.

Ri said that, with this in mind and a war currently taking place, North Korea would be well within their rights to shoot down US warplanes, even if they're not in the country's airspace, because this is war now, so anything goes. Ri made the announcement at the United Nations after a week of talks, and it seemed to seal off any possible way out of this crisis that doesn't involve, as Kim Jong-un puts it, "fire." There's no diplomatic way out anymore. Those days are over. Trump missed his chance and now there's a war going on. Great.

North Korea has moved its planes

It seems that North Korea isn't just messing around anymore. Up until now, both the North and the United States have just been blowing smoke.

Trump sent a Navy strike force to North Korean waters and Kim tested a few missiles, but nothing too concrete. But now they've moved their planes, following up on the promise by foreign minister Ri to shoot down US aircraft. Now they mean business. Can Trump handle it?