Labour and Conservative MPs are teaming together to force a vote on the Government's 'hard' Brexit plans.

If they are successful, the House of Commons would have to decide whether Britain remains a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) after the UK withdraws from the European Union (EU) on March 2019.

But The Daily Express has revealed that a job advert for a Digital Design Lead for a new agency has suggested the UK will be quitting the EU's Customs Union in March 2019. It inadvertently disclosed the Government's post-Brexit trade policy. Theresa May intends to establish a new "UK Trade Remedies Organisation" to manage Britain's economic relations with the rest of the globe after it leaves the trading bloc.

The news comes as data collated from The Independent shows that 30,000 voters abandoned the Conservatives on polling day for Labour because they believed the latter would be able to prevent a 'hard' Brexit, despite it barely being mentioned during the general election. The research suggests this factor helped deny the Prime Minister a majority.

Largest fight in Parliament

Many MPs fear that quitting both the EU and the EEA before the UK's trade deal with Brussels being concluded in 2022 will cause significant economic damage to this country. Labour politicians like Stephen Kinnock, Chuka Ummuna and Heidi Alexander are discussing with Conservative MPs how they can help keep Britain in the EEA during a transitional period when the Government's EU withdrawal bill is presented to the House of Commons in September.

One option would be for an MP to table an amendment for the UK to remain in the EEA for a brief period.

One Tory MP battling against a 'hard' Brexit told The Guardian it could be the largest fight in Parliament. They said there was a chance of defeating the Government on this issue.

No. 10 has ruled out the option of remaining in the EEA after March 2019 and Theresa May's plan to create a brand new trade agency show she is not budging on this issue.

The "UK Trade Remedies Organisation" intends to employ 130 new staff and will come under the remit of the Department for International Trade. It will investigate unfair trade practices like steel dumping, which currently resides with Brussels.

"Global Britain"

The body will be established on October 2018, ready for when Britain leaves the EU six months later.

The advert for the agency also highlights the Government's commitment to implement a new trade bill in September as part of its vision for a "Global Britain."

This revelation will infuriate the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, who is a big supporter of temporary membership of the EEA. The shadow Brexit Secretary, Keir Starmer, has also confirmed that he will be tabling for an amendment to vote for a transitional deal to be implemented after March 2019.

A Tory-Labour alliance would leave the Prime Minister vulnerable to defeat over her Brexit plans, as the number of DUP MPs in the House of Commons would not be sufficient enough to protect her from losing a vote.

Best model to prevent uncertainty

Supporters of the EEA believe it is the best model to prevent uncertainty for businesses as Britain leaves the EU.

The idea was supported by the former foreign secretary and Tory leader William Hague, arguing it was the only way to rescue Brexit.

Brexit Secretary David Davis said it was likely that Parliament would have the final vote on whether it can repeal the EEA Act 1993, but since Theresa May lost her majority, there may be no appetite among politicians for exiting the EEA.

Ms. Alexander criticised Conservative politicians for failing to read the main text of the Government's EU withdrawal bill, saying it states that they intend to dismantle the EEA Act 1993. Mr. Kinnock said a 'soft' Brexit was the best way to prevent Britain from walking over a cliff-edge.

One pro-EU Labour MP said Mr. Corbyn should capitalise on the findings from The Independent's general election study to fight the Government's Brexit plans.