Every day new revelations about Donald Trump and the "Russian connection" are in the headlines. The latest is the news that Donald Trump dictated a statement to his son regarding Russian hacking. With his son-in-law involved in a Russian investigation and the findings of the intelligence community that Russia interfered in the presidential election in support of Trump, this is certainly enough to alarm. In addition, Congress is also conducting an investigation into the Russian connection. All of these matters have influenced the opinion of Congress, leading to the passing of more sanctions on Russia.

Such overwhelming support of the bill must have been a surprise to the president, along with the clause that bars the president from lifting or modifying the sanctions without the approval of Congress. This is the reason the president referred to the bill as seriously "flawed," according to CNN International

Overwhelming Congress support

The president was unable to even veto the bill because of the overwhelming bipartisan support the bill received, which effectively means that his hands are tied. This implies the sanctions are on Trump himself. It also means the vast majority of members in both houses are convinced that Trump had something to do with the Russian connection. Such an overwhelming majority in support of a bill which will also limit the freedom of action of the president is a rarity in US constitutional history.

The secretary of state Rex Tillerson has also voiced his opposition to the bill saying it interferes with the executive authority of the president.

Not trusting the president?

Congress has shown that they do not trust the president as far as the Russian connection is concerned. Trump's claims the Russian investigation is a "witch hunt" could be true and there are ominous signs that almost all Congress feel Russia interfered in the election in support of Trump.

The question is, does Russia have so much of influence that it can sway the American election? This is a difficult question but there is no answer. Millions of Americans voted across the country and it would be an insult to their intelligence in case it is insinuated that Donald Trump won the election because of Russia interference.

Donald Trump may have had a Russian connection but that is not a crime. Any leader can legitimately meet with the foreign governments.

Last word

The problem arises when you insinuate that something sinister has happened and say that Russia had a hand in helping Trump sit in the White House. Trump has opposed the restriction on his freedom of action in foreign policy with respect to Russia. But nobody is listening as Congress has effectively tied the hands of the president and he can do nothing about it