As North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un continues to test intercontinental ballistic missiles, claiming the latest attempt to gain the ability to nuke the United States from his front room as a success, former US President Barack Obama has visited the President of South Korea to figure out what the hell is going on.

‘We have to continue to strengthen the alliance between the United States and South Korea,’ says Obama

According to Obama, America’s alliance with South Korea is invaluable in the tumultuous North Korea situation, as it provides leverage, inside information, and a common foe.

During his visit to Seoul yesterday to attend the Asian Leadership Conference (before sh*t went down in North Korea, that is), Obama went to see President Moon Jae-in, which went great as it led to a new agreement between the two countries that will yield extra security in the growing fears of North Korea.

Obama called North Korea a “rogue state” and warned that Kim Jong-un will need to “face the consequences” if he insists on continuing his nuclear crusade. He added that the alliance between the US and South Korea will “continue to strengthen” in the face of North Korea’s threats. However, he doesn’t want to stop there; he wants the alliance to branch out to other nations, and “to bring the wider global community to bring pressure on the regime.”