US President Donald Trump has headed over to Paris to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron. Trump is offering friendship and cooperation to Macron, saying that the relationship between the United States and France is “unbreakable,” and that despite their differences on the issue of climate change, they will be able to find common ground on their shared attempts to end the conflict in Syria.

Trump questioned about Trump, Jr. Russia situation

When Trump and Macron appeared at a press conference together in the Élysée Palace following a two-hour private discussion of international crises like Syria, Iraq, and counter-terrorist measures their two nations should take, Trump was faced with a barrage of questions from the press about the new information about Trump’s possible Russian connection.

See, this all comes amid a heated constitutional battle in which Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr., has come under fire for having taken a meeting with a Russian lawyer during his father’s Presidential campaign in order to get some dirt on rival candidate Hillary Clinton to use against her in the election race.

While many Republicans have remained hush about the Trump, Jr. situation and pretty much all of the Democrats have spoken out to criticize Trump, Jr. for his act of “treason,” President Trump himself has publicly spoken out to defend his son, saying, “Most people would have taken that meeting.”

Trump is vehemently defending Trump, Jr.

President Trump has been adamantly defending his son, Trump, Jr., about the Russia situation.

He isn’t denying scandalous goings-on as he usually does – he just doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with this. He says his son is a “wonderful young man.”

Trump was also questioned about America’s commitment to the Paris agreement. This is the UN deal on climate change that all but three countries on the planet have signed – even North Korea signed it!

Barack Obama signed it in 2015 in a landmark deal that would cut back on carbon emissions and global warming, but a couple of months ago, Trump pulled out of the accord because he thinks it’s a hoax by China.

When he was asked these questions about the Paris agreement, Trump did not confirm or deny entering back into the agreement.

It would be great if he did, since America is one of the biggest emitters of carbon in the world. Macron is a strong supporter of the Paris accord, so he was seriously ticked off when Trump pulled out of it.

Trump said he might come back to the Paris agreement

As he broached the topic of climate change and the Paris agreement after reporters pressed him on it, Trump hinted that “something could happen” with regards to the accord. He just said, “We’ll see what happens. We will talk about that in the coming period of time.” Then he shrugged and said, “If it happens, that will be wonderful, and if it doesn’t, that will be okay, too.”

Does Trump not realise that the decision lives and dies with him?

He’s the President of the United States! We’ll see what happens? He gets to decide what happens. It’s a simple yes or no. That’s what he did when he pulled out of the agreement. He can just as easily enter back into it and prevent the greedy American corporations from killing our planet to save a few bucks.

Trump is eager to develop relationship with Macron

Trump seems very enthusiastic about developing a friendship with President Macron. While the US President does acknowledge the “occasional disagreements” that their two countries have had, he did also note that their friendship has been around since the American Revolution times. Macron made sure to mention their intense disagreements on the issue of climate change, but he also mentioned how they have found a common belief in the need to focus on counter-terrorism and fight “a global threat with enemies who are trying to destabilise us.”