Speculation as to whether Donald Trump will make an unofficial visit before 2018 is currently doing the rounds. Government officials, however, have been quick to quash such rumours saying they are of no consequence.

It was John Bercow who vetoed Trump speaking to the House of Commons on any future state visit. Theresa May was the first world leader to visit Trump and she carried an invitation from Her Majesty for Donald Trump to visit the UK.

Much was made at the time of Trump being the new Reagan and May being a reincarnation of Thatcher but things have not quite gone to plan for either leader.

May has just narrowly managed to hang onto government with the help of the DUP and Trump is still dogged by rumours of Russian involvement in his election.

What Thatcher and Reagan would have made of their two supposed successors will never be known at least not in this existence.

1.85 million petition

An online petition was started on the Parliamentary Website to stop Trump from coming to the UK. The people or groups who signed the petition were from all walks of life and political beliefs.

The possibility of mass demonstrations over any state visit by the U.S. president seemed to put any visit on hold at least for this year. However, it now appears Trump's visit is pencilled in for 2018 although it was absent from the recent Queens speech.

The government stated the visit to the UK was not mentioned or included because no date has been set for next year.

Trump, Corbyn, and Khan

It seems there has been something of a Twitter spat going on between Donald Trump and Sadiq Khan. Obviously, Khan may find himself in the position of meeting Trump in person and having to entertain him.

Trump will obviously know this and it is presumed the two men in front of the camera at least will be all smiles and handshakes

Of course, Trump will meet May (presumably if she is still resident in No 10) as well as the Queen and other Royals but he will also meet Jeremy Corbyn. If Corbyn becomes Prime Minister sometime next year will the Trump visit even go ahead then?

Let us assume whether Corbyn is in 10 Downing Street or still Leader of the Opposition and the visit goes ahead the two men meet. I'm quite sure things will be quite cordial between the two mavericks but imagine being a fly on the wall in a private conversation between them. The conversation between the two men is sure, to be frank, and to the point but also polite and congenial but nevertheless, business like.