Donald Trump, Jr. has landed himself in hot water as it’s been revealed that he met with a Russian lawyer to get dirt on Hillary Clinton last June that his dad, his dad’s team, and the Kremlin would all be able to work together to use to undermine Hillary Clinton on her campaign. The meeting came a few days before Russia’s big DNC hack, which is interesting timing indeed.

Anyway, the US political world is responding, with Republicans either jumping to his defence or keeping their traps shut and Democrats soaking it up and trying to use it to get President Trump impeached or at least start that conversation in Congress.

Marco Rubio has spoken out

Marco Rubio, the Senator who ran against Trump for the GOP candidacy in the last Presidential election and lost, has spoken out about the Trump, Jr. Russia emails situation. As a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, he is expected to write a report about the hand that Russia played in last year’s election, and he said that this situation will be “insightful” in terms of that report. He’ll be loving this if he’s a sore loser.

Tim Kaine, the running mate of Trump’s former rival Hillary Clinton, had the strongest response to the Trump, Jr. situation, saying that while “nothing is proven yet,” it is “beyond obstruction of justice,” and instead closer to “perjury,” “false statements,” and “even potentially treason.” Iraq war veteran Seth Moulton, the Democratic Representative of Massachusetts, has also called it treason. He tweeted, “If this isn’t treasonous, I’m not sure what is.”