While Republicans have been reluctant to speak out about (and definitely to criticize) the meeting that Donald Trump, Jr. held with a Russian lawyer during his dad’s Presidential election campaign last year in the hopes of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton to use against her in the campaign. This may violate campaign laws and land President Trump and his administration in a heap of doody.

Today, Trump, Jr. has been forced to release the damning emails regarding the meeting, which state the purpose was to get information that could be “useful” to Trump’s campaign that they could use against Clinton.

That was just days before Russia hacked the DNC’s servers and leaked thousands of their emails, possibly swinging the election in Trump’s favour.

Democratic Senator calls this ‘the fire’ we’ve been waiting for

Republicans are saying that this whole thing is “overblown,” while a couple of Democrats – including Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine – have gone as far as saying that it constitutes “treason.” One Democratic Senator had this beautifully poetic sentiment to say: “For a long time, we saw a lot of smoke but no fire.” This was in regards to the investigation into Trump’s possible collusion with Russia, which has gone deep and seen a lot of shady stuff but no traction until now. Now, that very same Senator is saying, “You’re seeing the fire today.”