It is believed that the origins of the pictorial maxim illustrating the three wise monkeys can be traced to Confucious: see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Theresa May appears to have tamed this maxim and made it her own (and the Conservative party's) code of conduct in a concerning and unsettling way, endangering democracy as it is known in the United Kingdom today.

Protester arrested in Wrexham

See no evil/hear no evil: during Theresa May's visit in Wrexham Wales, a young activist was arrested while protesting against the practice of fox hunting, a discipline May suggested to legalize again.

The protester shouted a few slogans such as "save the wildlife, Kill May" and played a symbolic hunting bugle - enough for the police to seize the man and transfer him to their van nearby. In the process of being carried away he compared the UK to a fascist state. A few people among the audience witnessing the scene attempted to intervene expressing their apprehension about the detention of the activist that was said to have done "nothing wrong". However, the police declared the young man was being arrested for breaching the peace.

Protester breaching the peace

The interesting issue about this event is how the public has entered the controversy about whether someone shouting "Kill May" can legitimately be arrested or not.

Nevertheless, this debate seems to be missing the point. The young man was not arrested for what he said, he was arrested for protesting (breaching the peace) while Theresa May was visiting Wrexham (should it be reminded that the purpose of a protest is to actually breach the peace – of course in a non-violent way, just as this activist did).

Theresa May here prefers not to see or hear what she considers as evil and under her regime, an essential democratic right is shut down: the right to protest.

Radio silence about registering to vote

Speak no evil: many people have also been wondering about the complete silence from the Conservative party and Theresa May concerning the issue of registering to vote in the General Election.

While the labor party and many others have been strongly campaigning and issuing messages about the importance to vote (and to register), surprisingly the Conservative party has not spoken or written about this topic at all, leaving Theresa May's official facebook page showing "no results" if "register to vote" is typed, as Jeremy Corbyn showed in a screenshot taken 22nd of May (last day to register) and shared by many personalities such as Owen Jones. If there are speculations about the reasons May called for the election, the opposition claims that she would be disturbed by a high demand to register for the general election, particularly in the case of young people wanting to participate:- deceived by Brexit and the current political climate, the polls show that the voting youth would leave little chance to the Conservative Party to succeed – reason good enough to speak no evil and refuse to publicly endorse and drive the citizens to exercise another of their main rights: the right to vote.

May's anti-democratic techniques

These are just a few of the examples displaying Theresa May's anti-democratic techniques in her relentless effort towards victory. Some will see it as fair play, others not – but at the opposite Tame Impala's title "The less I know the better", it is essential to be aware of the situation and of these behaviours that might have a major impact on the election day.