Yes, we know, blink and you may have missed it. We are all one day away from the most important General Election in our lifetime. More important than either the Romans or Normans invading us and certainly of far more importance to us all than King Alfred burning those cakes - only it wasn't was it?

What went wrong?

To say that this whole sorry election campaign has been smoking - like the cakes - would have been to get it all wrong, it was barely as tepid as a baby's bathwater, with lackluster performances on all sides. The Conservatives must be in shock, what seemed like a sure thing seven weeks ago, is no better than a return to the same point they are at now.

Certainly no one saw the Labour resurgance, - despite Dianne Abbotts best efforts - and Jeremy Corbyn's leap forward in the polls, which now makes the two partys neck and neck, with no time to reverse that.

Hung Parliament?

No matter the outcome of the election, no one is going to be happy. If Ms May wins it will certainly not be with - if the polls are correct - the majority vote she was intending. If Mr Corbyn wins he will have beaten the bookmakers by all the odds possible. If we thought we were in for major changes with the Brexit negotiations looming, well, we 'ain't seen nothing yet'. If no one wins then sit down with a good gin and tonic and watch the fun begin. There will be an unholly scramble to set up alliances, with the crown of thorns going to the highest bidder.

It will be a no-win situation, with the Lib-Dems - provided their feted reassurgence proves tangible - and the SNP caught in the middle dictating the terms. Top of the agenda for Ms Sturgeon is independence; and she will sell her countrys soul to whomsoever gives her a chance of attaining it; freedom as she see's it at any price.

It is doubtful if the Welsh vote will make little difference as will the Green Party, and if UKIP live to fight another day then they will be extremley lucky to at least achieve that, the way they have been performing.

What will be?

World politics has pulled many surprises in the past twelve months, not the least of them being that the UK is very soon to be out of Europe - deal or no deal - and that America has a stand-up comedian as President.

Polls are invariably wrong, people say one thing and then vote the other way. Intent is only what it says on the tin, with the only thing that we can be certain of, is that come the early hours of Friday morning there will be a new government. Who that is, well, who can tell?