The third perpetrator of the devastating terrorist acts that took place on London Bridge over the weekend has been named as Youssef Zaghba. He’s 22 years old and last year, he was arrested whilst trying to get into Syria. Yet somehow, he managed to make his way into the UK and carry out a deadly terrorist attack. Something has to change, surely.

Italian media sources made the claim

The report comes from news sources in Italy, the country we have to thank for half of Moroccan-Italian terrorist Zaghba, claiming he was stopped by authorities in Bologna, where his Italian mother is still living.

She must be so proud. It’s also been revealed that fellow London Bridge terrorist Khuram Butt used to work at the tube station in Westminster, where he’d been freely granted access to tunnels that run directly beneath Parliament. Something has to be done about that screening process. That’s ridiculous.

Butt’s home in Pakistan has been raided. He’s 27 and he’s a British citizen who was born in Pakistan. The other London Bridge terrorist, Rachid Redouane, claims to be Moroccan-Libyan. Together, they killed seven people and seriously injured dozens more as they went on a callous, bloodthirsty spree.