During the Presidential campaign, many of Donald Trump's opponents likened the reality tv star and businessman to Adolf Hitler. This was obviously brought about by Trump saying he would ban Muslims coming into the United States and wanting to build a wall to stop Mexicans coming in. Also how he appealed to the common American man in the street just as Hitler had done in the 1930's before becoming Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

Now it seems the North Koreans have got in on the act by also comparing Donald Trump to the World War II German leader over his America first policy.

They say such a policy leads to American military action and American domination of the world again in their view similar to Hitler.

Tension has been growing between the North Koreans and the Americans over issues such as the North test firing missiles and conducting nuclear tests. The coming home of student Otto Warmbier in a coma to the United States after being held for 18 months by the North has also added fuel to the fire.

New South Korean leader flies to Washington

Many in the US were worried about Moon Jae-in the new South Korean leader as he was not too happy about establishing US missiles on his soil as the previous administration had agreed to. He also wanted closer ties with the North but now he is flying out to Washington to hold talks with Trump over the increasing tension between his neighbour to the north and the US.

Those talks it can be guessed will not only discuss the situation between the North Koreans and the US but also America's relationship with the South under the Moon Jae-in administration. Obviously, when they appear before the press and cameras it will be all handshakes and smiles which is the way with all leaders.

So it will be interesting to see the body language of these two leaders when they appear together which may be a clue to how the talks went in the Whitehouse.

Could war break out again?

The last Korean war in the 50's was a devastating and brutal affair brought to an end by an armistice on the 38th parallel on the peninsula of Korea. This war featured UN forces lead by the Americans up against first the North Koreans and then later the Chinese fighting on North Koreas behalf.

Ever since the South Koreans with American backing and the North with Chinese support have spied on one another ever alert lest the other should attack.

Sometimes there has been the odd military spat between both sides but nothing really serious enough to spark a second conflict.

America sent a battlefleet recently to patrol off the coast of North Korea while the North tested missiles in defiance of the Americans. Certainly, the situation is grim but Trump has said he would be willing to sit down with Kim and talk things out and the North appeared to show an interest in this.

If any conflict did break out there is a question as to whether the North could rely on China as even China finds it hard to deal with its southern Communist neighbor. Also bearing in mind that there is despite some tensions a good working relationship between the Chinese and the Americans so the North may not be able to count on China as it did.

The situation on the Korean peninsula is tense and does not get the coverage as the war in Syria but never the less the unfolding Korean situation is one to watch.