Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London who is also a Muslim, has issued a response to the attack on Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament, in which a 4x4 car ploughed through a bunch of people and some ended up dead. It was devastating, and Muslim leaders have condemned it because it’s stuff like this that contributes to giving their religion a bad name.

Khan wants to bring religions together

Khan seems frustrated by the attack, because he wants to bring religions together and this is tearing them apart. He stresses that the attack should not be used by bigots to justify hatred.

He outlined that “the reason terrorists want to attack London” is a hatred for tolerance. He said that in the beautifully diverse city of London, “we respect, embrace and celebrate each other,” and that ticks people off and makes them want to drive a car through a crowd of people, and despite this, Khan promises the tolerance is “going to carry on.”

Khan also told the BBC that the fact that “millions of our fellow citizens who are of Islamic faith don’t follow the nihilistic teachings of some of these charismatic preachers of hate” is partly down to their “resilience.” Khan said he and the other good ones (which is more than 99% of them) are aware of and educated on “the true Islam,” and they do not believe that “Christians can’t be friends with Muslims.”