For 30 years before becoming Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn made no secret of his opposition to nuclear weapons and was not exactly enthusiastic at the prospect of renewing Trident. This caused ructions inside the Labour party. However, he did agree to keep Trident as it became unanimous that the PLP wanted by and large to keep Trident.

According to a report by the Sun who cited Somerset Live, Micheal Eavis chatted to Mr. Corbyn before he made his appearance on Glastonbury’s main stage where he read poetry to a crowd of young music fans. Eavis and Mr.

Corbyn share a number of beliefs, including getting rid of nuclear weapons. Michael shared with Somerset Live that he asked Jeremy Corbyn when he would become Prime Minister. Corbyn seemed to indicate in six months time. Then Eavis asked Corbyn when he was Prime Minister if he would get rid of Trident and Corbyn indicated, as soon as he was able.

This will obviously alarm those who thought the Trident argument had been put to bed in the PLP. So Michael Eavis, by telling this audience what Corbyn said to him might not be doing Corbyn any favours with pro-Trident Labour MPs.

Eavis wanted a Labour win

Michael Eavis continued his conversation by saying said he wanted a Labour Party victory. He mentioned that the group consisting of Corbynistas called Momentum should have done more than they did to get Labour's message out.

However, like Corbyn on Saturday Eavis was enthused by how so many young people had gone out to vote. Eavis and Corbyn belong to a generation that was obviously influenced by the Hippie movement of the 60's which by and large was left leaning when it came to politics.

History has shaped the kind of men that both Eavis and Corbyn are today and years ago all this Hippie leftism as it would have seemed old hat but these days it is connecting with young people.

Today's young, though not Hippies, per se but Hipsters, appear to want a world of peace and love not unlike their Hippie grandparents it would seem.

Can Jeremy Corbyn become Prime Minister?

It would seem in today's uncertain political world where Donald Trump became U.S. President and Brexit is happening, anything is possible.

Another example of this would be Emmanuel Macron now the youngest leader of France since Napoleon who some say he resembles. Macron and his party who came from nowhere to dominate French politics. Modern day politics certainly has a knack of upsetting the political order.

Corbyn did not win this general election but he did better than many thought and has emerged offering a real alternative to this tired old Conservative party being propped up by the DUP. Corbyn maybe a little naive to think he will be Prime Minister in six months but Corbyn has proved his opponents wrong time and again and this may be the case with him assuming the Premiership in six months time.