A housing campaigner named Pilgrim Tucker has been helping out the residents of Grenfell Tower and surrounding tower blocks after a devastating fire burned it down and killed at least 79 people. She has been providing the residents with advice for where they should go next and helped a representative group of them to draft a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May demanding that they be consulted in the full public inquiry she has ordered, because it’s the untrustworthiness of the government system that burned their homes to the ground in the first place.

Tucker says similar demands to come from mourning group later this week

Tucker says that, later this week, a separate group that represents the families who lost loved ones in the Grenfell Tower disaster will likely demand similar things from the government. Tucker has told The Guardian that the victims of the disaster are under the impression that they will not “be organised enough to speak as one group until Wednesday,” so we can expect to hear from them tomorrow.

That group’s statement is, according to Tucker, expected to be “very similar” to the other group’s whose demands were released today in the letter to May. She and her people have been keeping “in touch” with the survivors and also claim to have “sent them a copy of our statement.” She even anticipates that the new group’s demands might even be “identical” to the others, but “will certainly be similar.”