Jeremy Corbyn has come under fire from notable Tories Philip Hammond and David Davis. Hammond is of course the Chancellor of the Exchequer who recently released this year's budget to some controversy, and Davis is the Secretary in charge of Brexit. They’ve come out with a smear campaign against Corbyn, slamming him for a potential tax hike that a Labour government headed by him might enforce upon them.

According to Hammond and Davis, Corbyn’s government will, if elected, slip in a £45 billion “bombshell” rise in taxes or lead Britain into further debt.

This is absurd, though. It shows how desperate the Tories are. Corbyn assures voters that “every single one of the commitments” from the Labour Party so far are “fully costed and fully funded,” which is something that he claims the Tories already had knowledge of prior to their little smear campaign, due to them having read the material Labour have published laying out their election campaign.

Corbyn has responded

Corbyn issued a response to the attack from Hammond and Davis, noting that it suggests “an air of desperation” within the Conservative election campaign, and “only two weeks into the election” they’re resorting to these taxes. Corbyn promised they were wrong because Labour “will not be raising tax" at all for people who earn low to middle incomes, if elected.

He also pledges to “protect the triple lock on pensions” and to make sure that schools don't need to take "collections at the school gates” just to pay wages to their teachers. That’s not his Britain.