North Korea was included by Ronald Reagan as part of " The axis of evil". Unfortunately he like others failed to pinpoint the real danger of China. It is known that the North is a proxy of China. Yet all US presidents fail to mention this. Even to a layman, it is apparent that a small country can defy a country 50 timed its size only with the backing of China. Donald Trump is falling in the same bracket. He must be wondering what to do.

Military strike

Many hawks have advised Donald to have a military strike. It could be tempting but is sure to start a very large war that will drag in Japan and South Korea.

The Dragon will also not allow its protege to be defeated. The chances of victory after a strike on the North is almost zero.There is also a distinct chance that such a strike could unleash a nuclear attack and Kim Jong has IRBM missiles tested and ready. He has just carried out an exercise in which 4 missiles were fired into the Sea of Japan just 200 km from the Japanese coast

The US losing ground

The US has steadily over the years becoming relegated to being a fringe player in the region. Alistair McLean wrote, " Fear is the key". This is the clue to America's approach to China. It does not want to antagonise the Dragon. The result is everything is going China's way. The US accepts the one-China policy and can do precious little to ask China to stop its build-up in the South China sea.

China has reclaimed and built many artificial islands as well as militarised them. All this under the nose of the Americans.

Bigger picture

Donald Trump has to think of the à in case he wants to have a strike on the North. It will not be easy and the risks are too great. The US having surrendered to China in the East Pacific can ill afford to strike at North Korea.

It will be like catching the Dragon by the tail

Options for Donald

What are the options for Donald? Firstly he has to face China and ignore North Korea. It is just a proxy of China.Till this fundamental change happens the US will find its hands tied.Donald had once expressed a desire that he would not mind meeting Kim. That may be the way forward.