Donald Trump has taken his first foreign trip since being elected President of the United States. But as he arrived in Saudi Arabia on his first stop, serious Problems are mounting at home. But as we watch with interest to see how the president does, certain questions need to be asked. What exactly is going wrong at home? What are his hopes for his trip abroad? And what do we think will happen going forwards?

Where is Trump headed?

As stated, in his first foreign trip, his eight day stay will include visits to Saudi Arabia (as mentioned), Israel, the Palestinian territories, Brussels, the Vatican, and Sicily.

It has been seen by many as an opportunity to get away from his problems at home; to enjoy an element of escapism and to focus on other issues for the time being. Why you may ask that this is the case?

Problems at home

Things are not going well at home for the Commander-in-Chief. He has become embroiled in scandal after scandal, and problem after problem. It is these problems that have affected the president from day one. The Muslim ban; a failed healthcare plan; delayed tax reforms; striking Syria and coming face to face (in rhetoric) with North Korea. But this ranks nowhere in comparison to the problems he finds himself in. Let me explain the context. There had been allegations that Russia influenced in some form the presidential elections in the US last year to enable Donald Trump to win.

Although this was vehemently rejected by Trump, an investigation was set up to investigate the actions of then former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, who was allegedly involved. The investigation was headed by the (then) FBI director James Comey. However, CNN reported that Trump requested of Comey "to shield" Flynn in the probe.

This was rejected by Comey. Days later (9th May) Comey was fired. Whilst the initial reason given was to do with Comey's handling of the investigation in Hillary Clinton's use of a private email, The Guardian reported that it was actually because of this "Russia thing". As a result of this, former FBI director Robert S. Meuller III was appointed as a special counsel to investigate the links between Trump's campaign and Russia.

However, whilst this was a mess itself, what has caused even greater problems is a leak of classified information by Trump to certain Russian officials. One nation who was affected was Israel, who fear that the leaks stated "may have compromised an Israeli agent", as reported in the Hindustan Times. It is clear that Trump is in big trouble, whatever way you look at it. CNN described the situation as "one of the most tumultuous and damaging weeks any President has had to endure" and that "it was a week that eventually could put Trump's entire presidency in jeopardy".

First trip abroad

It is within this backdrop that we have Trump's first foreign trip. This leads us to our second question; what are Trump's hopes for this trip abroad.

Whilst this is a chance to put domestic problems to the side for the time being, the problems just do not seem to be going away. With the long flights, jet lag and confined conditions, it is seen that it will cause greater problems for his White House team. But the biggest problem on this trip? Trump' over-exaggerated expectations. I say this because he is trying to get an awful lot done in a very short space of time; especially with regards to the Israeli-Palestinian issue. The Telegraph reported that Trump "is trying to cram a huge amount into just 24 hours", in a region described as the world's "most politically sensitive regions". To emphasise my point, Trump is visiting five countries in eight days.

This is not to say that it is a problem. To his credit, Trump does like to aim high. He has incredible confidence in his own ability and could easily have taken the easy option. Most newly elected Presidents visit Canada or Mexico as their first venture abroad. But Trump hasn't. As ABC news stated, he is "bucking tradition".

From here on?

However, whatever Trump is able to accomplish, his domestic problems will not go away. It is this that leads us to the final question. What will happen going forwards? It really is not looking good for the president. In all honesty I do not see major progress being made, especially with regards to the Israeli-Palestinian issue. He just simply does not have enough time.

Compounded with the issues at home, it is just going to get worse and worse. Despite what he says, he is in big trouble and may well lead to further action being taken against him; impeachment proceedings.