Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani, has been re-elected to secure a second Term In Office. All in all, this is a great result, not simply for Rouhani and his party, but for the wider international community also.

The facts

Why you may ask? Mainly because Rouhani is a moderate. It is he, who as reported in the Guardian, is trying his best to "re-engage with the West" and to offer "greater freedoms at home". What was also encouraging was the support that he attained. It was described as a landslide. The BBC reported that out of the forty million votes cast, Rouhani received 57%.

As a good a victory as ever with turnout at around 70%.

The consequences

I do believe the result is a relief to the world itself, and to the region also. He has stated his desire to "limit Iran's nuclear programme". This is exactly what the United States and her allies want. Nobody wants conflict or increased tensions. The majority of us want to live in peace, side by side. It is also hoped, with a moderate in power, that maybe Iran's connections to terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah can be stopped.

Whether Iran does eventually become a moderate nation which wants to be allies with the West and beyond, I do not know. But what is clear to all is that it is a possibility. That is a start, for sure.