On the 22nd May at approximately 10.30pm Manchester saw a horrific attack at an Ariande Grande concert, where adults and children alike went out for an enjoyable evening. Tragically, this was cut short after an explosion occurred inside, killing 22 and injuring at least 50 more. Condolences go to those involved in the incident. Since then, our leaders have acted in numerous ways.

These sorts of attacks may cause us to stumble as a society but we must never let them cause us to fall. They are attacks on our freedoms, tolerance and liberties designed to install fear.

We mustn't give in to that fear.

Fear and panic grip UK government

Theresa May has since declared a ‘War On Terror’ and increased the security level to maximum after ISIL claimed the attack. Meaning the UK Security Services are expecting another attack with Amber Rudd, Home Secretary, stating that the bomber was not acting alone. Both statements will not help the public in any way to feel more secure. In fact, it will only fuel further xenophobic and resentment towards Islam as a religion. Furthermore, during Theresa May’s time as Home Secretary, the Security Services and police saw £8 billion cut from their budget.

Of course, this would not have helped but failure to address the heart of the issue is evident.

Groups like ISIL can thrive because of anti-west sentiment fuelled by our foreign policy, which has largely remained the same for decades, if not centuries. Our governments have failed to address disillusionment which has led to the rise of the far-right and ISIL, both have the same ideology but only differ in their faith.

This is not a ‘war on terror’, we are fighting against those who want our very freedoms to be taken away because of fear.

Those people have no religion, no state or identity. They are the far-right, far-left and ISIL. They are despots from around the world who include Trump, Putin and Kim-Jong Un. They are those who believe in segregation of people and a society of 'pure breeds'.

Cultural destruction and genocide in the name of an ideology has no preference as to where they are from, they are all the same.

We are fighting fascism once again and it's gaining ground in our own backyard.

Hope and unity during difficult periods

During periods of difficulty we must look to hope in times such as these, hope is displayed by those who helped when us as a society needed them. Our NHS staff including doctors, nurses and paramedics. Our security services and police force, who have tracked whom carried out such an appalling attack. Lest not forget those people who were passing by that stopped to help in any way they could. Everyone who has helped in anyway big or small are the headliners.

These attacks are merely attention seeking acts, the violence is a petulant attempt for us to take notice of them. But we mustn't allow them to air time, we mustn't allow them to dominate our thoughts. We must be united in our endeavour for a better world than the one we live in. We must unite against these kinds of attacks, whomever we face. We have more that unites us than that which divides us.