The Conservative campaign has been strong and stable, in the sense that it has stuck to its rhetoric and seemingly believes its own rubbish. So far, she has spent the vast amount of time in privately held events after workers have gone home, invite-only events, locking journalists in a room and only allowing 3 minutes of questions with no cameras and disguising an event as a child’s party.

Whereas Jeremy Corbyn has been up and down the country campaigning to people and with thousands of people often gathering to see him, his latest foray saw him gate crash a gig by The Libertines in Wirral, where the crown started chanting his name.

Corbyn’s image as a leader

The Media will largely not report the vast support he receives wherever he goes, there have been videos of May, Farron and Nuttall all getting heckled when they have campaigned. However, there has been little of this wherever Corbyn has gone, in fact, there has been none. But the media largely doesn’t report this and it’s not hard to see why.

With plans to increase tax for large corporations and close tax loopholes to clampdown on tax avoidance. The media conglomerate that consists of The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Express and The Telegraph, all avoid tax in some form and would have to pay more tax if Labour were elected. Of course, they won’t report when Corbyn leads thousands of people and has people chanting his name because these skewers their Image that he isn’t a leader, when he is a fantastic leader.