Lloyds Bank becomes the first financial institution to commit to the UK as its chairman expressed confidence in Britain's ability to thrive, post-Brexit.

London's domination as the globe's financial hub will not be threatened by Brexit, Lord Norman Blackwell has said.

Lord Blackwell has mocked numerous doomsday predictions by different experts about Britain's prospects outside the European Union.

Lord Blackwell, who supported leaving the EU during last year's referendum, said London's financial foundations will ensure the Capital is resilient if the markets jitter once negotiations to leave the superbloc start.

'The Capital will survive'

He said the Capital will survive, regardless of the threats made by numerous companies to vacate the UK since June 23rd 2016.

Many organisations have panicked since Prime Minister Theresa May said she will quit her negotiations with the EU, should they fail to agree on a free trade agreement.

This would mean Britain and the superbloc would have to trade on World Trade Organisation rules, which the markets fear would be worse than the deal the UK gets from the EU's Single Market.

'London is like a Jenga tower'

The chairman of HSBC, Douglas Flint, warned London is like a Jenga tower.

He added that if one brick falls down, who knows how many more will follow.

However, Lord Blackwell mocked his HSBC counterpart's remarks, saying the Capital is considerably stronger than a Jenga tower due to its history of financial success.

He compared the Capital to the Tower of London due to its solid foundations.

The Chief Executive of Lloyds Bank, Antonio Horta Osorio, repeated his boss's claims.

But HSBC is not the only financial institution that fails to share Lloyds' confidence in Britain's post-Brexit prosperity.

Insurers Legal & General and Aviva have threatened to move some operations to the Republic of Ireland because of Britain's EU exit.

Dublin has offered British companies incentives to shift their activities to EIRE, particularly unfettered access to the EU's Single Market.

Many British firms feel access to the Single Market will be jeopardised by leaving the EU, regardless of the Prime Minister's ability to agree a free trade deal with the superbloc.

L&G assured staff they will not be made redundant as a consequence of this decision.

L&G said this was part of their strategy to ensure that they continue to provide a service to their clients, regardless of Brexit.

Reuters reported Aviva said on Friday it would transform its Irish life and general insurance branches into subsidiaries.

Asset manager M&G, which is owned by Prudential, revealed plans to establish a fund management company in Luxembourg, while Legg Mason said it also intends to relocate to Dublin.

Another asset manager, Standard Life, said it may well choose to scarper to the Irish capital as well in order to preserve its EU activities.

JPMorgan has already done so as it bought a building in Dublin to employ 1,000 staff.

'Ireland's financial strength'

Ireland's Jobs Minister, Mary Mitchell O'Connor, welcomed the news numerous British companies wish to cross the border to EIRE, saying it demonstrated Ireland's financial strength.

Martin Shanahan, the head of the IDA Ireland, which is responsible for attracting foreign investment on behalf of the Irish Government, said this was a signal of Ireland's ability to attract businesses without causing significant disruption to the market.

Many EU countries have attempted to disrupt Brexit by providing British businesses with the opportunity to re-establish themselves in their financial cities.

Spain's Basque region is a typical example of an area of Europe that has thrived from post-Brexit uncertainty.

Many Basques work in Britain in the science, technology and engineering sections.

Despite this, many of them have returned to Spain since Britain voted to leave the EU on June 23rd 2016.

Ivan Jimanez, the head of Bizkaia Talent, an organisation that attempts to prevent highly-skilled Basques from relocating abroad, said many of them are returning home from the UK.