According to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Kim Jong-un and his regime in North Korea are developing nuclear arms and trying to create a missile capable of reaching a major US city just in case. Tillerson calls this a guarantee of survival for Kim – as long as he has nuclear arms, no one will f*ck with him, basically. But Tillerson says that the goal within the white house and the Trump administration is to change the way Kim is looking at it.

‘Your pathway to survival and security is to eliminate your nuclear weapons’

The way Kim sees it, if he has nukes, no one will nuke him, because he can just nuke them back.

This is also the way America sees it. The difference is, they’re trying to get Kim to wipe out his nuclear weapons program – but theirs isn’t going anywhere. According to Tillerson, they don’t feel safe as long as Kim has nukes. But Kim doesn’t feel safe as long as Trump has nukes. So, what have we learned? The US government are highly hypocritical – so nothing new.

Tillerson says that he and the rest of Trump’s administration have reached out to Kim and his regime and told them, “Your pathway to survival and security is to eliminate your nuclear weapons and we and other countries will help you on the way to economic development.” That’s a nice fantasy, Kim Jong-un surrendering his weapons and becoming friends with all the other world leaders and living side-by-side in harmony – too bad it’ll never happen.