In his first 100 Days in the White House, President Franklin D. Roosevelt got 15 huge legislations passed in Congress. Ever since then, the first 100 days has been a milestone at which US Presidents are evaluated and have their Presidencies reflected on to see how well they’ve done with the power compared with their campaign promises. And Donald Trump has been less successful than FDR, to say the least.

While he focused heavily on how much he would shake things up in America during his first 100 days as President during his campaign, Trump has softened on it as the marker approaches, because he hasn’t achieved anywhere near as much as he promised he would.

So, he’s now calling the 100-day milestone “ridiculous” and pre-empting the media, who he claims will use it to “kill” him. Yes, the media will, because the facts show that he deserves it.

Ironically, most of Trump’s failures seem to have arisen from a rush to get bills passed before his 100th day to maintain his promises. If he’d just taken his time, he might have been more successful. Instead, he’s losing bigly.

Trump has a plan to cut taxes but has yet to do it

This week (just ahead of the 100-day mark, what a coincidence), Trump unveiled a tax-cut plan in order to say he managed to keep his tax-cut promise. But he hasn’t actually cut taxes yet, and the plan skimps on detail. However, it does outline an intention to cut business tax from 35% to 15%, which is good, unless you remember that Trump is a businessman who owns many businesses in the United States.

Also, the tax-exempt threshold for couples is now $24,000, so that’s doubled, so that’s good, and the tax return-filing process is being made easier, so maybe Trump himself will be able to do it now. Still, all he has is a plan, so he hasn’t kept his promise to cut taxes in his first 100 days in the Oval Office.

Trump has discussed preventing offshore US business but so far no action

Trump promised the American worker that he would keep business conducted by US companies confined to the United States to ensure more jobs for Americans. He proposed this as the “End the Offshoring Act.” His speeches on the matter have kept some American factories open, and he’s kept 700 American jobs from going to Mexico, but so far there’s been no legislation passed (or even proposed).

$1 trillion infrastructure investment plan seems to have disappeared

During his Presidential campaign, Trump promised to invest $1 trillion in infrastructure over a decade through tax incentives and public-private partnerships. He’s since made no mention of it and it didn’t even get a passing reference in the aforementioned tax plan, so it seems like this trillion dollars has just kind of gone away. If you mention it to him, he’ll call it “fake news” and move on. In fact, the same goes for the tax-deductible childcare and aged care he promised.

Education funding has yet to be passed too

Trump gave his one and only level-headed speech, the one everyone thought would turn everything around before he just slipped back into his usual ways, and he proposed a wonderful idea to pump more funding into the education system to ensure that parents would have more choice in which schools they’d be sending their kids to.

There have been no laws passed on this, but Trump did sign an executive order (the other day, when he was in panic mode about the 100 days) that would bring more power to local communities education-wise and prevent the impersonal interference of the federal government.

Trump failed to repeal Obamacare

As much as he hated Obamacare, Trump couldn’t get Congress onboard with Trumpcare. Trumpcare just didn’t take, and it was voted out, which was a ‘yuge’ embarrassment for the President. However, he still intends to get Trumpcare passed – he promises he’s tweaked it and it’s “gotten really, really good.”

He hasn’t yet ended illegal immigration as promised

Immigration was the cornerstone of Trump’s campaign.

He called Mexicans “rapists” and promised to keep them on the other side of the border, where he promised to build a wall that the Mexican government would pay for thanks to the art of negotiation. However, as of his first 100 days, none of that sh*t has happened. Also, his “End Illegal Immigration Act” still has yet to be legislated because it’s a lot trickier than he assumed.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom

Though it may seem so on the surface, Trump’s Presidency hasn’t just been failure upon failure. He has had some success. He got the Supreme Court Justice he wanted, he’s struck fear into America’s enemies with strikes on Syria and Afghanistan, and he’s gotten more bills legislated than any President since Harry Truman (most of them just undoing Obama’s, but still).