North Korea conducted a missile test over the weekend that failed miserably, but dictator Kim Jong-un and his Pyongyang cronies will continue to test missile upon missile until they have one capable of reaching the United States.

Now, US government officials are saying that the missile launch on Sunday, which according to the Pentagon, blew up almost instantly upon launch, was an attempt by North Korea to “provoke something” from US forces, who have stormed the waters surrounding the country to keep a close eye on it, which has p*ssed off Kim, to say the least.

Defence Secretary James Mattis said missile test was reckless

James Mattis, the United States’ Secretary of Defence under President Donald Trump, has said that the US is “working so closely right now” with the Chinese government to figure out what to do about North Korea. Pyongyang has announced potential plans to test a new missile every week, has threatened to nuke America if the Navy strike force Trump has sent into Korean waters fires a single bullet their way, and promises there will be an “all-out war” if the US military do anything at all to them.

When questioned by the BBC, Vice-Foreign Minister Han Song-ryol of North Korea said that if the American government are “planning a military attack against us,” the planned response is “a nuclear pre-emptive strike” under the terms of their “own style and method.” A nuclear pre-emptive strike, the North Korea way (framing it as a TV ad, if you will).

According to Mattis, the US government’s plan is not to start a war, nor is President Trump’s plan to measure his d*ck against Kim’s. Rather, they simply want to get the North Korea crisis “under control,” with a long-term “aim” to “denuclearise” (what a great word) the Korean peninsula.

Guardian reports US is considering shooting down missiles to provoke North Korea right back

This contradicts Guardian reports of senior US officials quoted but not named, who said that one strategy America had under consideration was to shoot North Korean missile tests out of the sky as a display of what they’re capable of and also to show that they mean business, which we’re pretty much all aware of because Trump is very open about it, particularly on Twitter with his angry all-caps, exclamation mark-laden posts.

The US is also taunting North Korea with threats of sanctions like a worldwide ban on their airline, an oil prohibition, diverting ships holding cargo, and placing restrictions on Chinese banks who deal within North Korea. These are very dangerous waters Trump finds himself in. World War III is on the way, and maybe Nostradamus was right about it being Trump’s fault. US Vice President Mike Pence warns North Korea “not to test (Trump’s) resolve.”