As US President Donald Trump warns Americans that “a major, major conflict” may be on its way with Kim Jong-un and North Korea and his administration are working hard to suppress the powers in Pyongyang, where Kim is testing missiles that could potentially reach a major US city from Kim’s doorstep, Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says Xi Jinping and his Chinese government, who Trump has said have the best intentions but may be unable to do anything about North Korea, have already issued a warning to Pyongyang about their nuclear tests, cautioning them to stop or they will take serious punitive measures.

Doesn’t sound like China’s powerless, does it? Sounds more like they’re tough and taking care of business, unlike Trump.

Trump has an administration, Kim has a regime – that’s the key difference

Tillerson confirmed to Fox News that “China is in communications with the regime in Pyongyang,” and have told the White House that they sent a request to Kim that he “conduct no further nuclear test.” He added that if North Korea does go ahead with their tests, then China will be “taking sanctions actions on their own,” independent of their pact with the US and Xi’s burgeoning friendship with Trump.

However, since Tillerson made this statement, China has refused to confirm or deny the claims, so perhaps it was supposed to be kept a secret that the US, as usual, has loudly blurted out.

Maybe that’s their problem. Maybe they need more discretion and then they can be tough and intimidate Kim, just like China has. Well, perhaps China hasn’t exactly intimidated Kim, since he’s shown absolutely no signs of stopping his nuclear tests.