Foreign aid: May prepared to be unpopular

Theresa May has been quick off the blocks to confirm that the Foreign Aid budget will not be cut much to the dismay of many. That dismay comes from many of her fellow Tories saying that when we spend £13 billion on aid overseas and our country is running a debt of £50 billion it is total madness. The UK gives more than most to the poorer areas of our world and while that is certainly admirable, is it really sustainable or even moral?

With the general election now looming set for June 8th, it seems May wanted to put this issue to bed.

UKIP first to suggest cutting foreign aid

Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall were the first to suggest cutting the foreign aid budget instead of cutting things like welfare and public services to pay off the UKs deficit. It seems this government prefers to send money abroad and cut back on the services that the poorest and most disadvantaged at home depend on.

You have to ask the question why do we spend money on Africa a place where nothing ever seems to get any better? Then there is India with so much poverty but at the same time that has nuclear weapons and a space programme .

The UK is one of the richest nations in the world where some of the richest people live on the planet yet we inflict austerity on the poor or those just about managing.

Then we send money to continents or nations as named above that don't need our money anymore or where at least to the viewer back home nothing ever improves.

Charity begins at home so the old saying used to go and for many struggling in this country, this saying has come into its own.

Home aid instead of foreign aid

May has promised to be more selective where she spends money in the world because the money does not always get to where it's going for many reasons.

However, the fact remains we as a nation will still be spending £13 billion on overseas aid however she justifies it.

I believe at some point obviously not with this government that foreign aid should be looked at again. Even if Jeremy Corbyn becomes our next Prime Minister he would probably commit his administration to keeping the Tory foreign aid budget as it is.

As long as the cap on welfare remains and public services are under Chancellor Philip Hammonds cutting axe, nothing will change. Employment has risen in this country but how many of those are zero hours jobs or people working two jobs to make ends meet.

Finally yes there are desperately poorer areas of the world but we also have a very evident wealth inequality in the UK.