The first 100 days is on the horizon for Donald Trump as president of the United States. So how has he done? In short not very well. It is easy to see that he has no real experience of politics having been a businessman most of his life. In his campaign he promised so much. But where are we now and where has it all gone wrong?

Domestic policy

Domestically, there was such promise. Trump, unlike many of those before him, was in a very advantageous position in that the Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate. It was also meant to be a period (within his first 100 days) that he would get a lot done.

But he has struggled in two main ways, domestically. The first is with his health care plan. He wanted to tear up Obamacare but instead his new version was outright rejected. Then his tax plan which we believe will not be resolved in the near future. Not a good start at home.

Foreign policy

And away? even more problems. First of all, despite what was promised, he has not followed up. There is no plans for the US embassy in Israel to be moved to Jerusalem. There is no hard action against China; he does not even refer to them as a currency manipulator. And his stay at home policy with regards to conflicts abroad? He has conducted airstrikes against Syria and confronted North Korea.

Going forward

It just seems that, with regards to Foreign Policy that he is making it up as he goes along.

It is clear that the realisation of being in office has affected him. He is more moderate, less controversial and keener to make changes. It does worry me that he does not seem to have an actual plan going forward, because he really needs one.