White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, between complaining about vanilla ice cream and getting yelled at for wearing a light-coloured suit, has briefed press on President Donald Trump’s strike of 60 Tomahawk missiles against Syria, which he ordered following last week’s devastating chemical attack, which left at least 87 people dead (a figure that includes over 30 children).

Spicer says Trump will strike even if barrel bombs are used

Spicer says that this is not a one-time thing and Trump is open to ordering similar strikes. He said that if chemical weapons continue to be used in Syria by Assad’s troublesome regime, he will continue to launch missiles at them, as simple as that.

Spicer went on to say that Trump may even fire missiles at Assad’s regime if he uses barrel bombs. He uses barrel bombs all the time!

According to Spicer, Trump was deeply affected by “the sight of people being gassed and blown away by barrel bombs,” and that the White House will be keeping a close eye on Syria so that in the case they “see this kind of action again,” they can consider “future action,” which would probably entail another missile strike. Or at least a strike of some kind. Maybe not the missile kind. You never know.