US President Donald Trump has been speaking very highly of his “very, very great relationship” that he’s got budding with Xi Jinping, the President of China. He’s been going after Xi on Twitter for a long time, trolling him with a phone call to Taiwan, finally sending him a letter towards the start of his Presidency to a warm reception from Xi, and now sitting down for a candlelit steak dinner at his resort in Mar-a-Lago.

Trump previously accused Xi of ‘raping’ the American economy

Two years ago, when ex-President Barack Obama rolled out the red carpet to welcome Xi to America with a lovely state dinner, Trump attacked him for not serving a Big Mac and accused Xi of “raping” the United States economy.

But Trump didn’t serve the Communist leader and his musically gifted wife, Peng Liyuan, with a McDonald’s burger. Instead, the menu consisted of pan-fried sole fish, New York strip steak, and Sonoma chardonnay. Xi arrived in Florida on Thursday and will be enjoying two days of conversations with Trump.

Trump said that having Xi and “his incredibly talented wife,” who is “a great, great celebrity in China and a great singer,” at his resort and “in the United States” in general was “a great honour.” Does Trump know any adjectives other than “great?” It was even in his campaign slogan (#MAGA).

Trump joked their discussions have led to ‘absolutely nothing’

Trump cracked a joke (but perhaps not really a joke) that following “a long discussion” with Xi, he has received “nothing, absolutely nothing.” He added that, on the bright side, he and Xi have “developed a friendship,” that will later in his Presidential term lead to “a very, very great relationship,” and said, “I look very much forward to it.”

Trump and Xi have a lot to talk about during their discussions, far from “absolutely nothing.” They need to address their spat over trade, and the dangerous nuclear issue with North Korea and what they should do about it under their newfound alliance.

This all needs to be covered before Xi leaves on Friday afternoon.

Syria may overshadow the talks

The devastating and unexpected chemical attack on Syria and the crisis that is very quickly escalating over there threatens to overshadow discussions with Xi about trade, as Trump has ordered 60 missiles to be launched at Syria in response to the attack, which took place in the town of Khan Sheikhun.

Both China and Russia are against UN resolutions against the Assad, and China did not immediately respond to Trump’s missile strike (which must be a tad awkward, seeing as how their President is just a few feet away from him), but experts are predicting both anger and admiration from China (which is surely impossible to feel at once).

Experts weigh in on China’s response to Syria

US diplomat Paul Haenle, who advised both Bush and Obama on China policy, says that Trump’s missile strike is likely “not a welcome development for Xi” as it “weakens” his image as “a strong statesman on the world stage.” He added that the Syria strike will “distract” the media from Xi’s two-day rendezvous with Trump, which will surely upset him. Hanlae concludes that the most important aspect is America’s position as the leading superpower, saying that there is no way any other country in the world would order “that kind of unilateral strike,” and “certainly not China.”

Chinese foreign policy expert Bonnie Glaser says that Beijing’s response to Trump’s strike would be admiration that he is willing to make such a bold military move (although another US President who was willing to make bold military moves ended up invading Iraq for no good reason). However, she added that in China’s eyes, this would give them ideas about dealing with North Korea and the South China Sea.