Last week, there was a devastating chemical weapons attack in Syria that left almost a hundred people dead. The White House holds Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “accountable” for the attack, and US President Donald Trump is talking with British Prime Minister Theresa May and German Chancellor Angela Merkel about what their next move should be in getting rid of Assad.

A big part of the plan is getting Russia out of bed with Assad

American intelligence agencies have reached the conclusion that the Russian government (with its close ties to Assad and his regime) knew about the Syrian chemical attack before it happened.

US officials close to Trump also claim that a Russian drone was flown above a hospital to survey victims of the chemical weapons as they were treated in a frantic emergency situation. The prime viewing position of the aftermath of the attack this drone took is being treated as evidence that Russia knew about the attack beforehand.

Just a few hours later, a fighter jet of Russian design and manufacture was used to bomb the hospital as a half-baked attempt to cover up the use of chemical weapons in the attack. While the jet definitely came from either Russia or Syria, exactly which country has yet to be determined by US officials. But let’s be honest, if they’re in bed together (which they are), it doesn’t really matter which one it was.