Jeff Sessions, President Donald Trump’s bigoted, everything-ist, everything-phobic, straight white male Attorney General pick (full name: Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III), says he wants to “bring back” the War on drugs. But the truth is, it never went away. The unwinnable War on Drugs has been raging across America for years.

What Sessions means is that he wants to bring back the race-centric War on Drugs from the HBO drama “The Wire,” making the greatest television series ever made, which captured race relations and law enforcement in the American city so perfectly, even more relevant.

White power!

Sessions saying he wants to “bring back” the War on Drugs is just another veil over white supremacy like Trump’s “Make America great again” slogan. These are white men who want to remain the ones in power and feel threatened by the rise of black people, Muslims, women etc. with something to say in an era where they are slowly coming out from under the white male dominance in society, and they want to crush them back down under the guise of returning to some kind of former glory.

The War on Drugs has been going on for some decades, and it has nothing to do with drugs. You can’t fight drugs, they’re just objects. The War on Drugs is an excuse for law enforcement and, indeed, Jeff Sessions, to profile people of colour in the inner city and stop them from ever rising above the lowest rung of the social ladder by keeping them in the dire economic conditions that force some into the drug trade.

When US politicians talk about a “war against drugs,” they’re really talking about a war against minorities, particularly black and Hispanic communities. These races are blamed by US law enforcement and political figures for drug epidemics in America, despite study upon study proving that it’s actually white youths who are using and selling all the drugs.

Sessions is no different; he’s just framing it the same way Donald Trump frames his racism – let’s go back to the good ol’ days!

Trump’s ‘deportation force’ equates being Mexican with being a drug dealer

Trump plans to put together a “deportation force” to rid America of immigrants, because he assumes there’s some kind of correlation between not being born in America and selling drugs in America, when there isn’t.

Just like “somebody’s doing the raping,” somebody’s doing the drug dealing – white people!

Sessions blindly sees immigration as a bunch of “criminal organisations” who are crossing the US/Mexico border (which still has yet to feature a wall) and transforming the “cities and suburbs” of America into “warzones,” adding that they are coming in to “rape and kill innocent citizens.” If Sessions did a bit of research and spoke to one or two people before making these claims, he’d realise that immigrants are simply coming to America for a better quality of life, to make an honest living for their families. Startlingly few of them have any intentions whatsoever of raping and killing anyone.

Sessions is yet another white man to perpetuate the stereotype that race has anything to do with the threat of sexual violence.

He sticks by his decision to ignore every fact and statistic related to immigration and instead opting to make up his own, saying he will “stand against this filth,” when the “filth” in question doesn’t exist outside his bigoted little mind.