Donald Trump has been in office for 100 Days now and is beginning to realize the magnitude of the role he has aspired to. He says that he love his previous life and had so many things going. president Trump said he thought being president would be easier than his previous position. Donald Trump said in an interview with Reuters that he misses doing his own driving as it was something he enjoyed doing and can no longer do as President of the United States.

He knew the presidency would be tough

Donald Trump was made aware, before officially taking office, that the job of president would not be easy.

After meeting with President Obama after winning the election, Trump said that he was surprised at how much work the presidency was. As president elect, he reportedly said that he was “surprised by the scope” of the responsibilities of his new job, according to a Wall Street Journal Source. It also reported that one of the things Trump didn’t realize he would have to do was replace the entire presidential staff.

The perils of a 24 hour secret service and other restrictions

It is a tough job that Trump has got to do and he is feeling the pinch within his first 100 days. In addition to not being able to drive himself around, he appears surprised at how little privacy he has in his new role. He talked about the constraints of 24 hour secret service protection and the fact that he is still getting used to it.

He feels like he is in a “cocoon,” not able to go anywhere. He also remarked that being the Commander in Chief is more work than his previous job,

Criticism of Obama

He has just acknowledged what a difficult job the presidency is but Trump has been a relentless critic of Obama's presidency. He referred to Obama as the worst president in US history and he regularly blasted his predecessor for playing golf but spent the early weekends of his presidency doing just that.

Trump has now admitted to the world that he thought being president would be easier than his previous job and the extent to which he misses his old life.

A wistful look back at a previous life

Trump is a wealthy, billionaire businessman from New York who enjoyed all the perks and freedoms associated with that role. When he entered the White House on January 20, it was to be his first foray into public office after his upset victory of long time politician Hilary Clinton.

His net worth today is pegged at 3.5 billion according to Forbes. In addition to over 1,7 billion in New York real estate, he owns millions in real estate outside of New York, golf courses and clubs, brand businesses and cash and personal assets. Donald Trump was also co-owner of the Miss Universe pageant, star and producer of the "Apprentice" and "Celebrity Apprentice."