The G7 meeting for ministers was held this week with the subject of Russia and Syria on the table. The summit was deemed important in giving the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson backing ahead of his trip to Moscow.

What was agreed?

As the BBC reported, it was decided that the international community would "engage with Russia" and to try and get Moscow to put pressure on Assad to get him to observe the commitments for a cease fire. However what was not agreed was the proposal to apply sanctions to the Russian regime. Italy's foreign minister said that the group did not want to "back Russia into a corner" and instead preferred dialogue.

Sanctions idea backfired

What this clearly was, was a blow to the UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson. It was his idea and it seemed to backfire. It seemed that, as the Independent newspaper reported, the EU representatives were "cool on the idea". Was Johnson trying to be a major player at the summit? In all honesty I am not sure but what the Rejection of the idea for sanctions did show was that maybe there is a little bit of animosity between the UK and the other EU members.

Whilst it is of course a prelude to next month's G7 leadership summit next month, it was promising that overall agreements were made. Whatever is to happen with Brexit, it is good that unity and cooperation can continue.