Boris Johnson has spoken out against those protesting President Donald Trump’s recent executive order to ban people from certain foreign countries whose populations are mostly Muslim from entering the United States. He says that it is wrong to “demonise” the POTUS over the travel ban.

Johnson is targeting Labour MPs

Johnson is specifically speaking out against the Labour MPs who worry that Trump’s travel ban will affect British passport holders. Foreign Secretary Johnson assures them that the ban will make “no difference” to British passport holders.

While it has widely been labelled a “Muslim ban,” Labour MPs have been looking into some of the finer details, and were wrongly concerned that British tourists would be affected.

Johnson said that discriminating against people based on their nationality is “divisive and wrong.” President Trump has declared that the United States will not be taking in any Syrian refugees for at least a period of 120 days. Johnson has been getting his information from “assurances from the US embassy that this executive order will make no difference to any British passport holder,” no matter what country they are from or which other passports they may hold.

According to Johnson, British tourists “remain welcome to travel to the US” and has been speaking out against the Trump naysayers.

Johnson said that the travel ban is “not our policy, nor is it a measure that this Government would consider.” As Johnson delivered this speech, Labour politician Mike Gapes could be heard in background shouting at him to “show some backbone,” and followed up, when Johnson ignored him, by asking, “Where’s your spine?”

Johnson’s defence of Trump has provoked ire

Liberal Dennis Skinner compares Trump with infamous German and Italian dictators, and accuses our government of being “hand in hand with another fascist: Trump.” Johnson says these comparisons are “inappropriate.” Trump is becoming very unpopular in the United Kingdom, and Johnson isn’t doing himself any favours by jumping to his defence, especially on the topic of an executive order that has led to protests all over the UK.