A petition by Change.org is asking Melania Trump to move to the white house or pay for the security expense incurred by her stay at Trump Tower in New York. The petition has become hugely popular and currently has more than a half a million signatures.

The petition details

The petition is demanding that the first Lady move to the White House or be personally responsible for her security expenses in New York city. The wife of the president is living in New York at Trump tower instead of the White House which means additional security costs. The petition is asking the first lady to move to the White House or pay for the extra security to stay in New York.

The petition further states that the US taxpayer is paying a lot of money to keep her in her current residence and moving to Washington will “-- help relieve the national debt, this expense yields no positive results for the nation and should be cut from being funded.”

A misuse of taxpayer dollars

The petition has generated a lot of interest and thousands of supporters have aired their concern about this added security expense at Trump tower and what they see as a misuse of taxpayer money. Some felt that this money could be better spent on improving the education and healthcare systems. Another supporter says that living in the White House is what one does when they are married to the president of the United States and that money saved can be used to feed senior citizens and questions why our tax money is being spent on those who already have more than their fair share.

Why Melania hasn’t moved to the White House

After winning the November presidential election, Donald Trump told the media that his wife and their son Baron will not be moving to the White House and that they will be living in the New York so that Barron could continue at the same school. He further stated that they will move to the Washington soon after their son finished school.

A later report by US Weekly stated that the first lady may not move to the White House at all and that they will re-evaluate their decision at the end of the school year. The office of the President had no comment on the report.

The cost of security at Trump Tower

There is indeed and additional cost for securing the Trump Tower while the president's family lives there.

Senator Chuck Schumer says that the costs of security for Trump Tower could add up to $183 million each year. Breaking down the costs, the senator said $500,000 a day goes toward 200 police officers who protect the family residence.

The future of the petition

As popular as the petition to get the first lady to move to Washington is, what happens after is uncertain. The petition originally hoped for 300,000 signatures and has since far exceeded that number. The petition will go to Senator Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren but since neither of them sit on the committee that oversees the US Secret Service budget, it is unlikely any action will be taken, but it's popularity is sure to create a buzz around this issue.