Just after the ISIS terror attack in Paris, London has been targeted.Somehow to outsiders, it appeared the British did not appreciate the power of Militant Islam. Many in England were opposed to Donald' s Muslim ban. Now London has been hit. One can hardly sympathize with the British when the police referred to the attack as a " fire arm " incident. About 4 hours later they confirmed it as a terror attack when to outsiders it was apparent that from the word go, it was a terror attack. The failure to call it a terror attack from the beginning is, to say the least, confusing.

Again not to label it as associated with Islamic terror is more bizarre. The attack is reported by CNN international.

London targetted

The news coming from London is confusing. One policeman has been stabbed and an assailant shot dead by armed police. Eye witness accounts that are appearing on social media show at least 12 injured. The attack in parliament or conducting a terror activity near the British parliament is a big thing. At that time nearly 200 MPs were inside the house.

The attack appears to be well planned and coordinated. There are reports that a car plowed through a crowd as well. One fatality is confirmed and more could succumb.

The attack on the seat of government is not a small thing.

The police have now locked down the area. But the fact remains that the English police and political establishment failed to gauge the true nature of militant Islam. The British and Americans are still talking about Russia as an adversary. There is a talk of strengthening NATO against Russia. Provocative exercises are conducted on Russia's borders.To an outsider it looks weird as the danger of militant Islam is given secondary importance.

Islamic terror

There are reports that 3 incidents took place which appears to be a coordinated act. The breaching of security net around parliament is cause for concern. Donald Trump has been informed.The US president is the only one to have a clear comprehension of Islamic terror but he is being hemmed in by a Russian bogey. This attack is just the beginning and with more than a million Muslim refugees, the western nations will have a tough time.