Donald Trump is accusing Barack Obama of tapping the wires in Trump Tower back in October, right before he was elected President of the United States. When he started to get paranoid about this at around 6:30am, The President began sending out rampant tweets accusing him. He claims Obama has found nothing yet and wrote, “This is McCarthyism!”

Trump comparing it to Watergate

Trump is comparing this with the Nixon White House’s Watergate scandal, which led to Nixon leaving his post as President. Funny, considering Trump has been compared with Nixon recently by a former Nixon adviser.

He called Obama a “bad or sick guy” for supposedly tapping the wires in his office. If it was in the Oval Office where he actually was for eight years, that would be one thing, but how did he get into Trump Tower? And in the final month of The Donald’s hectic election campaign? The place would be crawling with bouncers.

Threatening legal action, Trump said that he bets “a good lawyer could make a great case” out of what Obama allegedly did. The fact he needs “a good lawyer” to get Obama convicted suggests that maybe he isn’t as sure about this as he lets on. If Obama actually tapped Trump’s wires, a terrible lawyer could make a great case out of it.