Donald Trump has been making a lot of easily avoidable mistakes during the first few weeks of his Presidency in a bid to shake up the Washington rulebook. But the thing is, that rulebook is here to stay, and he needs to find a way to shake things up within the confines of how things work, otherwise he’ll never get anything done and his executive orders will keep getting blocked by the federal court system.

Carter tried to do a Trump back in the day

Trump isn’t the first President to show up at the White House with dreams of being the guy to change everything and not play by the rules and be remembered as the greatest President who ever lived for it.

Jimmy Carter did the exact same thing and Congress didn’t like it, so he could never get anything that he wanted done. He wanted to cut taxes to help the American people, but they changed it so that it would instead profit greedy corporations.

After Carter, Ronald Reagan was much more successful in doing the same thing. He cut taxes whilst increasing military spending which is crediting with winning the US the Cold War. However, like Trump, Reagan failed to cut Government spending and America got into more debt (so no surprises there).